All consulting services tailor to your organizational and individual needs. We understand there is no one right solution to the diverse problems you might be facing but we provide countless options and lend our expertise in delivering you a customized solution. From our services, we inspire, we build relationships, and we grow communities. We make your teams and businesses more efficient.

Through consulting, we will work with your team to set specific goals and determine the best process of meeting them. Our work leaves your teams better informed, equipped to handle their roles, in tune with community needs, and empowered to use their voice. Simply put, Humboldt Grace makes organizations better.


If your team members need a greater understanding of the cannabis community, or their evolving community altogether, we can help. We specialize in providing education in large and small group settings. Our methodology is grounded in years of work in this field and passion driven by the power of our work. We help your team grow by providing them expert information they can immediately apply in their work. We also enhance their ability to critically analyze the situation at hand, providing an incentive for continuing education moving forward.


We understand there are disconnects between the mainstream industries and the ever emerging cannabis community. We bridge this gap through our years of work in both worlds. We offer your organization support in understanding how your services can branch into new markets. We can either break your business into the cannabis industry or help your cannabis organization appeal to the mainstream. Regardless of the process, we build bridges.


Navigating politics and policy are a convoluted mess of relationships and interactions. Let us make these processes simple. If you have an issue that needs voice, let us show you how. Through community education, we build the mind. Through relationship building, we break down barriers. Our advocacy work delivers you a path towards taking your dream community changes and making them reality.


We help people heal. Whether dealing with internal organizational strife or growing as a team, we can improve your relationships and interpersonal connections. We specialize in making people stronger. Focusing on lifestyle choices and your mental well being, we create solutions to improve health. Our healing touches all components: Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let us tend to your needs.

Our founder, Lelehnia Dubois, has specialized in using an intuitive approach to building community. Through her past roles, she has worked with all demographics and generations. Her expertise includes creating networks, educating through programming, building numerous volunteer bases, and mobilizing individuals to create change.

Her reach has extended across the country; from advocating for families in Washington, D.C. to empowering over half a million voters in Sacramento, CA, she uses her passion and expertise to create results. In the past, she has created community programs, enabling community youth to make their life choices excel.

She has worked within the medical arena, providing care to patients, and she continues to serve the needs of countless communities by educating them on the power of cannabis. Through her hands-on approach and heartfelt willingness to connect with every person on an individual level, Lelehnia is skilled at building relationships and mending conflict. Above all, Lelehnia’s heart guides her with the perfect melding of the skills you need and the drive that will carry your organization forward.

We would love to hear from you.

Humboldt Grace strives to educate, advocate and collaborate. We build bridges between the mainstream cultures and the ever emerging cannabis culture. Let us teach your team members about the ever-changing landscape of their community. If you have questions or concerns, please drop us a line!