Through rigorous testing and by partnering with the best professionals across the world, we are proud of our first cutting edge cosmetic line, Lele dubois. We have proudly created a line of cosmetics with the power to enhance and illuminate your beauty. Humboldt Grace creates products that are built to heal.

Instead of treating your skin with soiled formulas comprised of harmful chemicals, explore how our blend of science and nature will help you thrive. These wonderful products are top end domestics. They offer you a healthy alternative that uses cutting edge remedies as a means of rejuvenating and healing your skin.

You deserve the best skin care. You deserve products made to enhance your life instead of offering a temporary solution while inevitably hurting your skin.

Our cosmetics will target your skins nourishment needs. More information about these product offerings can be found below.

For powerful radiance and nutrition

Slow the aging process with this unique Hemp/CBD formula. Hemp has a high ratio of omega -6 to omega – 3 that are similar to what the body uses. It provides powerful nutrition that can be used topically. Lip Synergy fortifies the delicate lip area with layers of vital nutrients that help restore moisture as it fills and heals the fine lines.

Benefits Include:

Skin conditioners and moisturizers
Anti-aging and regenerative ingredients
Omega-3 Omega-6
Co Q10
Sodium Hyaluronate
Formulated with +70% organic ingredients


No Harsh Preservatives
No Dyes, Lakes, carmines
No Synthetic Fragrances
No Parabens
No Petroleum products
No Phthalates
No Sulfates
No Gluten
Not tested on animals

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Humboldt Grace strives to educate, advocate and collaborate. We build bridges between the mainstream cultures and the ever emerging cannabis culture. Let us teach your team members about the ever-changing landscape of their community. If you have questions or concerns, please drop us a line!