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The Humboldt Grace Legacy Project is working to protect, authenticate, and validate cannabis genetics through collaborative design.

The Humboldt Grace Legacy Project is a collaboration of experts working together to building an event with the purpose of educating on the diversity of the legacies genetics and the value a grower and their environment bring to the end product.  Community Builders, Breeders, Nurseries, Farmers, Techies, and Scientists gather every week to share resources and problem-solve together. 

Hendrx Nursery has a highly sought-after heirloom strain of ‘Skunk 1 pre-1996’ that will be the flagship example of using unique blockchain technology, Canopyright to protect genetics. Hendrx is having the genetic data tested through Medicinal Genomics, as the Legacy Project develops a method to authenticate, evaluate, and validate cannabis genetics. This with a narrative history of the strain will be tied to the genetic profile in the blockchain. The information from the Skunk 1 pre 96 will then be used as an educational resource to guide other breeders through the process.

Importance of Community Education and Feedback.

Genetic protection is a wonderful idea in concept but it faces challenges from an industry that historically could not be open about their work, and where genetic fraud and IP theft are rampant. It is critical that trust is carefully cultivated between the breeders, the technology, and the community. Our working group has been meeting weekly on Zoom, and we host in-person open meetings to facilitate active community engagement and project development.



Canopy Right

With market conditions shifting drastically it is essential to find safe and affordable methods of protecting our cannabis IP.

That is why the Legacy Project is partnering with a small tech startup called CanopyRight.

What is CanopyRight?

CanopyRight enables breeders to protect the value of their IP through a 100% private and encrypted blockchain app. 

With Canopyright, breeders will be able to register their strains and link these records to physical samples of their strains, free of charge.

How does it work?

The strain record is time-stamped, encrypted, and recorded on an immutable ledger using DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). Interested tech-saavy folks can read more about how CanopyRight works at 

Once strains are registered, growers can then use the platform to license strains from breeders.

Invoices can be processed automatically through CanopyRight’s METRC integration.

Can I use it now?

Not yet. CanopyRight is currently in beta testing, meaning it is still being built. We are helping make it work in our weekly video calls, which you can apply to participate in by contacting us.


Advisor, Daniel Hendricks

CEO, Hendrx Nursery and Farms

Advisor, Martel Yip

Co-Owner Sensational Solutions


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