Humboldt Legacy Project  Skunk #1 Selections FAQs:


In 2019, Marty Yip donated two Skunk #1s small batch selections to HENDRX Farms for the Humboldt Legacy Project to use as a beta test to find accessible pathways to archive, authetnicate, and value cannabis genetics. The Skunk #1 was the perfect variety to use due to its widespread use, documented history, public domain status, and all the hype around it. We are calling these selections:

Humboldt Legacy Project Skunk #1 No. 1 (HLPS1)

Humboldt Legacy Project Skunk #1 No. 3 (HLPS3)

In 2022 these selections were submitted to Medicinal Genomics for comprehensive DNA sequencing. Through that testing and the subsequent research on the behalf of the Medicinal Genomics bioinformatics team, we have found DNA evidence that these selections are indeed descendants of lineage of the original Skunk #1, from David Watson,  aka Sam Skunkman.

HLPS1 is the only sample in Kannapedia with six similar THCA coding variants in the region 1/459 (only looking at WGS and StrainSEEK v2/v3 which cover all THCAS). It is 1 of 6 samples 6/459 in Kannapedia with the two non synonymous coding variants: pAla250Asp and plle63Leu

HLPS1 and HLPS3 both have the pAla250Asp that shows up in Weiblen’s research of the Skunk #1 in 2013-2014.

The HLPS3 is being used in partnership with The Grow-Off and Satori Wellness, to create the Skunk Grow Off. This allows the Humboldt Legacy Project to see how the plant expresses itself within the various microclimates and processes with in the Emerald Triangle. It also gives the community access to the selection, and the ability to participate in coming events around educating the pathways to preserve, authenticate, and validate cultivars.

The HLPS1 is being grown in partnership with HENDRX Farms and MOCA Humboldt. MOCA Humboldt will be growing out the HLPS1, gathering cultivation data to share with the Humboldt Legacy Project, help raise awareness and create access to these legacy genetics for public consumers on the licensed market.

Please see links on the live timeline for articles, DNA sequencing, and other supporting information.

Both selections have been timestamped in Canopyright.

The Skunk Grow-Off

The Grow-Off has partnered with Humboldt Legacy Project to discover and share more information about a selected cultivar from the lineage of Sam SkunkMan’s Skunk #1. The HLPS3 was donated by Marty Yip of Sensational Solutions and preserved by HENDRX Farms. Marty selected this cultivar for its uplifting effects, classic flavor, and stability in breeding. We hope to discover even more through the competition and will share that information with participants.

To be clear, this is still very much a Grow-Off competition.
You’ll know the strain and participate in a larger, very important community project.
This is The Skunk Grow-Off.
The Grow-Off and The Humboldt Legacy Project are partnering to help educate: on the value of legacy cultivars, the people who develop and curate them, and how the biodiversity in the Emerald Triangle regions lead to innovation around the plant.
Data Policy: Each Entrant will receive their own lab data and may use such data in any way, without restriction. The Organizer will anonymize all Entrants’ lab data and cultivation data and may use and aggregate such anonymized data in any way, without restriction. The Organizer will not use or share any individual Entrant’s data, nor any aggregated data without anonymization.



Describe the program to growers, as it pertains to the Humboldt Legacy Project.

The Grow-Off and The Humboldt Legacy Project are partnering to help educate: on the value of legacy cultivars, the people who develop and curate them, and how the biodiversity in the Emerald Triangle regions lead to innovation around the plant.

Why participate in the project?

When you participate in this partnership you are gaining early access to one of the selected Humboldt Legacy Projects Skunk #1s, (HLPS3.). Your brand, your shared content, and the anonymized data will be included in the education around the Humboldt Legacy Project . You will be listed as one of the farms growing the cut. Licensed operators will  have the opportunity to partipcate in the Humboldt Legacy Projects events in 2024.

Through the Humboldt Legacy Project, The Skunk Grow-Off participants can also take advantage of the same extensive DNA testing the project uses given by Medicinal Genomics at an 80% discount. This DNA testing is extensive sequencing of the cannabis plant at $299 per test. This price is not included in the competition. For more information email [email protected]

Why are we telling them the strain?

In order to help educate on the value of our legacies and regions, the Humboldt Legacy Project needed a diverse group of farmers to grow this researched and studied selection of Skunk #1. We wanted to be transparent in the relationship between The Grow-Off and the Humboldt Legacy Project. We wanted to ensure the project had the grower’s permissions. We also see the marketing potential for each other behind us ALL collaborating.

What will their cultivation data go towards?

The cultivation data will be used to help the Humboldt Legacy Project educate on the value of the bioregional diversity in the Emerald Triangle, the value of an individual farmers’ process, and the vast libraries of genetic diversity in our communities. By using this documented cut we can attempt to see where the skunkiest cut is grown, how it is grown, and who can grow the skunkiest bud. Which will be fun, and this information can also help us as a community show why our regions plant legacy, climate, and experience is so important to the innovation of future cannabis as well as help us increase our market value.


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